Schariah ermöglicht offiziell Kindesmissbrauch im Islam

Marriage between a 28 years old pedophile and an 8 years old victim. You hear clearly that they are performing islamic marriage. This marriage was even mentioned in Iranian news papers.
If you do not see anything wrong with that and even support such a marriage you are just a muslim.
We challenge all the muslims of the world to prove that this kind of marriage (pedophilia) is not recommended in islam.
Here is the interesting part :
During marriage the cleric, according to islamic marriage, says : This man is willing to pay this amount of money to have sexual interxourse with that child. Then he asks the child : Do you accept that amount? She accepts!!
This is islamic marriage. The arabic word used in islamic marriage is „Nikah“ which has only one meaning: Sexual intercourse, to fuck.
Muslims are more than welcome to refute us if they can. If they can not, then we recomend that they leave islam.
We expect the facebook to ban all islamic pages.
We expect our authorities to ban any religion that permits pedophilia.

Mich packt der Ekel.